Explore Haitian and Caribbean Naïve Art

At Karels Art Gallery, we’re the hub for passionate art lovers seeking authenticity. Here, you connect with leading artists from Haiti and the Caribbean, delving into a hidden world of creativity.

In our gallery, we reveal a secret artistic realm where artists ignite imagination and wonder. Haitian naïve painters, known for their ingenuity and vibrant colors, create dreamlike worlds inspired by Voodoo or Catholic beliefs and harmony with nature.

Not all artists have equal opportunities to showcase their work.
Our Gallery values uniqueness, aiming to transform lives through art.



Who is behind the art

For those who seek uniqueness, magic, quality, and beauty, we present a world of art that transcends mainstream trends and markets.

Our artists hail from resilient countries and cultures, often self-taught and untethered from global influences. Their art is both different and strange, brimming with radiant colors and alluring light. They draw in those with the strength to inspire your life and open your mind to new ideas.

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Current and Upcoming

25 april -22 sept 2024

Museum of the Americas - Voudou and Naïf Art - Av. de los Reyes Católicos, 6, Moncloa - Aravaca, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Tuesday - Wednesday: 09:30 h - 15:30 h

Thursday: 09:30 h - 19:00 h

Friday - Sunday: 09:30 h - 15:30 h

27 april -2024

Sala de la Reina of Museum of the Americas - El Vodou y la pintura haitiana, Rafael Lucas - Av. de los Reyes Católicos, 6, Moncloa - Aravaca, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Saturday: 12:00h

Past Exhibitions

Recognizing that not all artists have equal
opportunities, we shine a light on these hidden
talents. Here, you have the power to transform lives
and make a significant impact.