Flowers of Paradise

Lily Honson

Nocturnal Fantasy in the Garden of Dreams

"Flores del Paraíso" ("Flowers of Paradise") by Lily Honson, measuring 73.5 cm by 18 cm, is an acrylic painting that immerses us in a dreamlike panorama of tropical flora in the stillness of the night. The contrast of cool tones in the nocturnal foliage with the warm lights emerging from flowers and plants creates an atmosphere of mystery and allure. The seascape background, with distant ships and the soft glow of the moon reflected on the water, introduces a feeling of vastness and tranquility. This scene, blending elements of the marine and terrestrial landscape, becomes a dreamscape where reality merges with fantasy. Honson captures the magic of nature, transforming the everyday into a spectacle of color and texture that invites contemplation and wonder.


Lily Honson


73.5 cm x 18 cm / 29 x 7”





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Renowned as a leading artist, Lily Honson, who started at 16, employs a distinctive nocturnal technique, achieving international recognition with exhibits in the US and Europe.

Lily Honson

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