Dream of the Haitises

Lily Honson

Green Whispers in the Lost Eden

Lily Honson, with her piece "Dream of the Haitises," an acrylic on canvas measuring 55 cm by 44 cm, invites us to delve into a surreal landscape where nature is the undisputed protagonist. The composition, filled with shades of green and luminous sparkles, seems to throb with the energy of a mystical plant world. Organic shapes intertwine creating a tapestry that celebrates the diversity of tropical flora. The waterfall at the center of the work adds a sense of movement and freshness, while the detailed textures invite the viewer to explore every corner of this earthly paradise. Honson succeeds in transporting the viewer to the Haitises, interpreting these magical domains with a vision that is both a window to an imaginary world and an echo of the real landscapes of Haiti.


Lily Honson


55 cm x 44 cm / 21.6 x 17”


Acrylic on canvas



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Renowned as a leading artist, Lily Honson, who started at 16, employs a distinctive nocturnal technique, achieving international recognition with exhibits in the US and Europe.

Lily Honson

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