Tropical Market

Alan Thomas

Festival of Flavor and Color

Alan Thomas transports us to the vibrant heart of the Caribbean with his work "Tropical Market," an acrylic on canvas measuring 75 cm by 1 meter. The painting is brimming with life and color, depicting a lively scene of a market where figures dressed in white intermingle with an abundance of tropical fruits and vegetables. The traditional attire of the characters contrasts with the vivid color palette of the produce, evoking the rich cultural heritage and biodiversity of the region. Rounded shapes and subtle shadows give a sense of movement and bounty, while the interaction among the figures suggests a narrative of community and everyday life. Thomas captures the essence of tropical markets, not only as centers of commerce but as places of social and cultural exchange.


Alan Thomas


75 cm x 1 m / 29.5 x 39”


Acrylic on canvas



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Alan Thomas

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