Haiti: Lights and Colors of the Caribbean


Hotel Eurostars Central, Madrid, Spain

Our art gallery, Karel's, specializes in Haitian "Naif" art. In collaboration with the cultural section of the Embassy of Haiti in Spain and the Department of Art and Culture of the Eurostars Hotels chain, we have organized the exhibition "Haiti: Lights and Colors of the Caribbean" from June 1 to July 17.

The opening ceremony was graced by the distinguished presence of the Honorable Ambassador of Haiti, Mr. Guy Lamothe, the Honorable Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Juan Bolivar Diaz, and the Honorable Ambassador of Nicaragua, Mr. Mauricio Carlo Gelli. Additionally, diplomatic staff from the Embassies of Italy, Honduras, Serbia, and Sudan attended the event.

We express our sincere gratitude to the management of Eurostars Hotel for hosting the exhibition and to the art-loving audience whose presence enriched the occasion.


Hotel Eurostars Central


1 June - 17 July 2022


C/Mejía Lequerica 16 Madrid, Spain

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