Haitian Market


Rhythm and Color in Everyday Life

J.Bossicot delights us with "Haitian Market," an acrylic on canvas measuring 55 cm x 44 cm, capturing the vibrant essence of Haitian markets. The composition is full of vitality and movement, with human figures interacting among themselves and with their surroundings, framed by the abundance of colorful fruits that adorn the space. The use of saturated colors and geometric shapes emphasizes the dynamism and the rich cultural tapestry that characterizes Haitian markets. Baskets filled with fresh produce, along with the lively arrangement of vendors, evoke the hustle and energy of these trading hubs vital to the community. Bossicot captures not just a daily life scene but also the festive spirit and resilience of the Haitian people.




55 cm x 44 cm / 21.6 x 17”


Acrylic on canvas



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Haitian painter who depicts scenes from everyday life in Haiti, focusing on the lively markets in the capital where many people seek their livelihood through street vending.


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