Vodou Art


Vodou Art

On October 26th, Madrid witnessed an extraordinary event at the Open Studio of the talented artist James Thegenus. The occasion was a true journey into the captivating realm of Haitian Vodou art, where each piece told deep and vibrant stories. Attendees had the privilege of immersing themselves in Haiti's cultural richness through James Thegenus's captivating creations. The Vodou art exhibition was an expression of spirituality and color, highlighting the unique connection between the tangible and the intangible.

The most exciting revelation of the night was the announcement: in April, the Museum of the Americas will grant Karel's Art Gallery an exclusive space to showcase this magnificent art form. This collaboration promises to open a portal to Haitian cultural authenticity, bringing an unparalleled artistic experience to Madrid.

The event was a testament to James Thegenus's commitment to preserving and promoting Haitian art. The fusion of the mystical and the contemporary left everyone eager to delve deeper into this captivating world at the upcoming exhibition by Karel's Art Gallery at the Museum of the Americas.


James Thegenus - V.Code Espacio Creativo Arte Vodou


26 October -


Madrid, Spain

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