Memories of Africa

Saint Louis

Blue Echoes of Origin

Saint Louis' work "Memories of Africa," an acrylic on canvas measuring 50 cm by 60 cm, is a vibrant tribute to ancestral roots. The dominant palette of deep blues and the use of contrasts with gold and black evoke the richness and depth of the African continent. The abstract composition, with its interweaving of shapes that suggest human figures, animals, and elements of nature, recalls the spiritual and physical connection to the land of origin. Each element, from the pineapples to the shapes reminiscent of spears and shields, is imbued with symbolism and emotion. This painting not only represents a collection of visual memories but also acts as a bridge connecting the viewer with the history and spirit of a continent through the unique lens of Naïf art.


Saint Louis


50 cm x 60 cm / 19 x 23”





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Haitian painter whose painting style is a mix of abstract and surrealism, strongly depicting the intertwined movement of people in the unique style of Naïf art.

Saint Louis

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