Tropical Dreams

Lily Honson

Canvas of Chlorophyll and Fragrances

Lily Honson presents us with "Tropical Dreams," a narrow yet expansive acrylic work measuring 73.5 cm x 13.5 cm. It unfolds a tapestry of green leaves and lotus flowers that seem to float above still waters. The elongated perspective takes us on a visual journey through a lush landscape, where the freshness of the leaves and the delicateness of the flowers evoke the serenity of tropical gardens. Distant mountains and soft mist add depth and mystery to the scene, inviting contemplation. Honson's technique skillfully captures light and shadow, making each petal and leaf pulsate with life. This landscape is more than a physical place; it's a mood, a haven for the spirit seeking calm and natural beauty.


Lily Honson


73.5 cm x 13.5 cm / 0.29 x 5.31”





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Renowned as a leading artist, Lily Honson, who started at 16, employs a distinctive nocturnal technique, achieving international recognition with exhibits in the US and Europe.

Lily Honson

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