A Fairy Tale

Saint Louis

Magical Dance of Sustenance

Saint Louis' piece, "A Fairy Tale," is a celebration of imagination and the earth's bounty, articulated through the medium of acrylic on a canvas measuring 56 cm x 44 cm. Here, the elements of the harvest transform into characters of an agrarian fable. Pineapples become elegant ladies of the night, bananas transform into majestic guards, and pumpkins into silent observers of this magical interplay. The composition, which seems to flow and ripple, envelops us in a narrative where nature and fantasy merge. The creamy tones and golden highlights on the fruits contrast with the dark background, emphasizing nature as a source of nourishment and stories. The work exudes a dreamlike atmosphere, where each element of nature has its own vitality, turning the daily labor of harvest into a stage of enchantment and wonder.


Saint Louis


56 cm x 44 cm / 22 x 18”





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Haitian painter whose painting style is a mix of abstract and surrealism, strongly depicting the intertwined movement of people in the unique style of Naïf art.

Saint Louis

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