Harmony of the Harvest

Saint Louis

Earth's Symphony

In this meticulous composition, Saint Louis transports us to a world where abstraction and surrealism merge to celebrate the fruits of the earth. The work titled "Harmony of the Harvest" is an acrylic piece measuring 45 cm x 56 cm, a visual symphony of stylized shapes and earthy colors that together construct an aesthetic representation of abundance and fertility. Figures reminiscent of machetes and Caribbean fruits intertwine in a rhythmic dance, where each element seems to hold its precise place within the canvas's organized chaos. The color palette stays within a range of browns, creams, and touches of black, suggesting fertile soil and the human labor to cultivate it. Through geometry and abstraction, Saint Louis captures the essence of agricultural life, paying homage to the traditions and the hard work of the hands that sow.


Saint Louis


45 cm x 56 cm / 18 x 22”





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Haitian painter whose painting style is a mix of abstract and surrealism, strongly depicting the intertwined movement of people in the unique style of Naïf art.

Saint Louis

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