Virgin and Child


Divine Maternity Among Celestial Gleams

In this work, Dérossier showcases his mastery of Caribbean Naïf art, presenting us with a depiction of the Virgin and Child that glows with spiritual vibrancy and tropical warmth. The golden halos stand out against a deep blue background that seems endless, suggesting a celestial connection. Clothed in pure blue tones, the Virgin holds the Child with a serenity that conveys profound peace. At their feet, nature flourishes in an allusion to the life and hope born from maternity. The texture and vibrant color of the background contrast with the serene composition of the figures, creating an aura that seems to move in waves around them. The border encircling the scene is adorned with motifs that evoke the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean, adding a dimension of identity and belonging.




50 cm x 60 cm / 19 x 23”


Acrylic on canvas



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Haitian painter and son of the renowned Naïf painter Ismael Saintilus. After Ismael's death in 2000, DEROSSIER decided to paint in his father's style, using a finer brush technique.


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