Golden Dream

Saint Louis

The soul harvests in gold the dance of life

The work titled "Golden Dream" is a visual symphony of warm hues celebrating the fertility of the land and the abundance of the harvest. The artist Saint Louis employs acrylics to capture an ethereal world where human figures and baskets brimming with food such as corn intertwine in a dance of shapes and colors. Measuring 70 cm by 94 m, the piece commands an imposing presence, inviting the viewer to delve into its enveloping atmosphere. The color palette, dominated by gold, evokes the Caribbean sunlight, infusing the scene with an aura of optimism and warmth. Each element, from the texture of the corn to the restrained expression of the figures, is executed with meticulous attention that reveals the vibrant essence of the Caribbean.


Saint Louis


70 cm x 94 cm / 27 x 37”





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Haitian painter whose painting style is a mix of abstract and surrealism, strongly depicting the intertwined movement of people in the unique style of Naïf art.

Saint Louis

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