Earthly Dream

Lily Honson

Bluish symphony on the canvas of nature

The acrylic on canvas titled Earthly Dream by Lily Honson captures a dreamlike scene of stylized nature. Measuring 96 x 70 cm, it immerses the viewer in an ethereal landscape where deep blues and shades of ultramarine dominate the palette, creating a calm and reflective atmosphere. In this fantasy paradise, stylized flora springs forth with a vivacity that transcends reality, with spiky cacti and vegetation rising like guardians of this dream world. At the heart of the composition, a small stream culminates in a waterfall, symbolizing the source of life and purity that resonates throughout the scene. The unusual perspective and imaginative morphology of the plants suggest a symbolic interpretation, inviting contemplation of a realm that coexists parallel to our tangible reality.


Lily Honson


96 x 70 cm (38 x 27 inches)


Acrylic on canvas



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Renowned as a leading artist, Lily Honson, who started at 16, employs a distinctive nocturnal technique, achieving international recognition with exhibits in the US and Europe.

Lily Honson

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