Haití: África en el Caribe


Museo de América, Madrid, Spain

Embark on a cultural journey with 'Haiti: Africa in the Caribbean,' a pioneering exhibition at the Museo de América. This exhibition is the first of its kind in a Spanish public museum to spotlight Haitian art, celebrating its rich and diverse artistic expressions. Featuring seventeen vibrant naive-style paintings and an evocative Vodou altar, the exhibition delves into the profound and intricate world of Haitian culture.

Curated in collaboration with Karel's Gallery and the Embassy of Haiti in Spain, 'Haiti: Africa in the Caribbean' not only showcases art but also serves as a profound reflection of the secrets and stories embedded in Haitian life. The term 'naive art' refers to works created by self-taught artists who, with no formal academic training, vividly express their inner thoughts and feelings. This style is renowned for its raw, vibrant energy and emotional depth, which resonate through each piece displayed.

The exhibition also explores the significant role of Vodou, a syncretic religion practiced by the majority of Haiti's population, which merges African spiritual practices with Christian elements. This spiritual tradition deeply influences the artistic landscape, manifesting in the detailed Vevès symbols and ceremonial altars included in the show. Experience the intersection of art, religion, and community in 'Haiti: Africa in the Caribbean.' The exhibition is a testament to Haiti’s resilient spirit and rich cultural heritage, inviting viewers to reflect on the powerful narratives and vibrant aesthetics that define Haitian art.


Museo de América


25 April - 22 September 2024


Av. de los Reyes Católicos, 6, Moncloa - Aravaca, 28040, Madrid, Spain

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